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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Prophet Muhammad has given advice to Muslims about the responsibilities, that any trust was borne by mankind is a responsibility that must be accountable dihapan giver trust the Lord God.
Leadership in Islam is very easy to be realized, provided a mechanism that has been shown by God has been executed. The task of a leader to his men is to know God and obey and submit to obey him, as in Luqman's advice to his son:
And verily We gave wisdom to Luqman, namely: "Thanks to whoever Allah.Dan thankful (to God), then surely he is grateful for himself, and whoever is ungrateful, verily Allah is Rich, the Praised '. (Qur'an 31:12)
And (remember) when Luqman said to his son, at the time he gave a lesson to him: "My son, do not be to Allah, verily ascribe (God) is really a great injustice". (Qur'an 31:13)
And We have enjoined on man (do good) to his two ibubapanya; his mother had conceived him in a weakened state that increase steadily, and weaning in two tahun.Bersyukurlah to my mother and father to two, only to your return unto me. (Qur'an 31:14)
And if they strive to make with me something that no knowledge about it, then do not follow them, and accompany them in the world with good, and follow the path of people who come back to me, then, is mine only to return, then the Ku- tell you what you did. (Qur'an 31:15)
(Said Luqman): "My son, in fact if there is (something works) weighing mustard seed, and are in stone or in heaven or in earth, Allah will bring it (it forth). Verily Allah is Subtle, Aware. (Qur'an 31:16)
My son, be steadfast in prayer, command (humans) do good and forbid (them) from the unjust actions and the patience of all that happens kamu.Sesungguhnya so it includes the things that are required (by God). (Qur'an 31:17)
And do not look away from humans (for pride), nor walk the earth with angkuh.Sesungguhnya Allah loveth not the arrogant pride themselves again. (Qur'an 31:18)
And moderate in walking and lunakkanlah suaramu.Sesungguhnya evil voice is a donkey. (Qur'an 31:19)
Advise parents to children, as well as the advice of a leader to subordinates. If children already appreciate and realize the advice of their parents, meaning the child was able to inherit his father's personality that sholih, so if a leader has been able to hang all of his men to act as God's instructions, then the whole part led already will be able to work and spin in harmony with the noble purpose.
Prophet is a model of leadership based on the primacy of leadership to always advise his friends to have a noble nature, always give thanks to God, grateful to the parents, thank fellow human beings. And patience of all the things that deviate so as not to be dragged and thrown into it and will believe any replies though deeds "of mustard seed", it's all in return.
When we find a leader who prioritizes building elevated above the human spirit to build a human body, they are the leaders who succeed, unless we have entered an age where most people are not headed toward the good.
How are we going to lead people who do not want to know God the Creator, how we will lead people who can not remember the services older people, how we will lead people who like to do arrogant and proud of ourselves, how we will lead people who do not know the difference between good deeds and bad deeds.
The world had been created by God complete with all amenities since before creation, He is God who is Rich. Are judged by God rather than human skill build living facilities, but are judged by God is a genuine willingness to be good, good berakhlaq to God, berakhlaq kind to fellow humans, and using life to always glorify and exalt the Lord God of the Universe Alam. All Holy God, the Exalted, Most High, Almighty, God will never Dead and Eternal for ever.
Successful leaders are those who can lead people to find God and find the delicacy in berta'at glorify God, the Lord God Almighty Clever.

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